Suspicions about The Red Pyramid.

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Suspicions about The Red Pyramid.

Post by marcos522 on Tue Jun 08, 2010 2:41 am

In the book there are suspicions mentioning The Olympians (Greek gods). Maybe for a future cross between the universes. Hidden they are, but they are mentioned. And the characters ignore these suspicions.

In Page 52 (chapter 5.) Amos says: "Manhattan has other problems. Other Gods. It's best we stay sepreat." Sadie tryed to keep up the conversation, but Amos comepletely ignored her.

And in another chapter Carter explained that the Greeks used to rule part of Egypt, and that's why there are Egyptian words mixed with greek words.

Tell me what you think of these suspicions.

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Re: Suspicions about The Red Pyramid.

Post by riczhang on Tue Jun 08, 2010 3:17 am

Yes he is referring to the Greek Gods, another quote to support this is that in Chapter 25 Thoth mentions that he and Hermes are nothing alike, therefore confirming that all the Gods exist in the same universe.

Also Rick Confirms this at the 3/14 Met Lecture interview, he also confirms that they will not be crossing paths in the future.

Rick Riordan at the 3/14 Met. Lect. Interview wrote:Will The Kane Chronicles and Camp Half Blood series storylines ever cross paths?

No, they exist in the same time in the universe, but they won't cross paths. That would just get too confusing for the readers and me.

The Question has been answered---LOCKED


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