The Hidden Truth Chp. 6

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The Hidden Truth Chp. 6

--okay i know some people were confused on the name of the main character, so it is officially Alyssa; Aly for short. sorry about that! here's the next chapter!

Chapter 6: I almost shoot an arrow through Chiron's message
The next couple of days were kind of harsh. After the talk with Chiron, Kayla gave me my new schedule for training. First, I had to climb a lava rock climb. It sounds dangerous...and it is. If you don't reach the top in time, you get sizzled with molten.
Next was some break time, so I played some volley ball with some satyrs. Even if they had goat feet, they were pretty good. I hit the ball twice and served once. Some kids from Posiedon's cabin came and helped me. We were having a good time until the break was over, so I had to continue with my schedule. Let me just say this: no matter how much the satyrs told you that we cheated, we so didn't.
After was some sword training with Will in the Arena. I tried my best to jab him, but it wasn't all that easy. My sword was heavy and I was tired in minutes. Will tried to show me some easy moves, but it didn't work out so well.
"Okay, let's try something easier." He said, panting after a session of sword combat.
"Yea, like fighting with stuffed animals." I said and he laughed.
"How about bow and arrow?" He asked. I shrugged my shoulders. We packed away our armor and headed to the archery range. There were some older campers making perfect shots, and there were some people from Apollo's cabin that I recognized. And no beginners. I don't think that was a good sign.
"Okay so just hold the bow like this," Will demonstrated on a bow he got from the storage. I picked up another bow and held it in position. "And take the arrow and string it between, like this." He demonstrated with the arrow. I tried to make mine look like his, but it didn't follow so well. "Hold your arm back tight." He said, and I pulled my elbow back. "Aim at the center of the dart board." I aimed the point at the red dot. "And fire." He said, letting go of the arrow. It zoomed foward and hit the center straight. I pulled back and let go of the arrow.
The arrow zoomed gracefully towards the dart board. It hit the center dead, but it kept going forward, like the arrow went through the board. It zoomed forward and Will and I ran after it. We saw it zoom pass other campers, and then it vanished from sight. After a second or two...."Oh my Gods! That almost hit my tail." We followed the sound and met up with Chiron who was standing in horse form next to a tree that had an arrow sticking out of it.
"Oh.." I said. I looked towards Will who looked like he was going to laugh.
"Sorry Chiron," Will said. "I was teaching Alyssa archery, and then the arrow like went through the board." He said. Chiron held up his hand.
"It's fine, Will. It's just her powers acting up. I have a message for you, Aly." He looked towards me and gave me a scroll. Yes, a scroll. The kind they use in older days. "We have contacted the Oracle, and she isn't here with us right now, but she had the prophecy for your quest send in." I looked down at the scroll, and wondered if i should be scared. "You may open it when you get back to your cabin." Chiron directed. Will and I both bowed and left to archery.
"Prophecy?" I asked as we cleaned up our archery stuff.
"Yea, every time you go on a quest, you get a prophecy. It's like a set of poetry to tell you what will happen on the quest." Will explained. I looked at my schedule, and it said we were to report to our cabins until the lunch bell rang. Will and I walked to our cabin fast so we could look at the prophecy.
"Okay, open that sucker." He said as I sat down at my bunk. There were a few campers in the cabin, but they were all busy to notice us. I sighed and unrolled to scroll. Inside were words in cursive, which took a minute to read because of my dyslexia.

Four demigods shall go north
To find what had been Evil's worth
Beware of the consequences at stake
for making the right or wrong mistake.
You shall be in the land of snow
and find what's been hidden centuries ago.
Traps and tricks can lead you away
but find the book and destroy it or astray

Well, this is going to get interesting.

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The Hidden Truth Chp. 6 :: Comments


Post on Fri Jul 23, 2010 7:49 pm by tinkerirock

ok i hope you like it! i'll try to add anothre chapter, and if you have some ideas (i need some ideas) PM me!

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Post on Fri Jul 23, 2010 11:02 pm by posiden#1god

I liked that alot it was really good so nice job

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Post on Sat Jul 24, 2010 3:11 pm by tinkerirock

thanks! im actually looking forward to read some other stories of fan fiction (WILTING ROSE & ELOTEX RIADIA & THE END OF MY WORLD) these are good stories and im really dying to read the rest of them!!

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