Elotex Riada chapter 7

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Elotex Riada chapter 7

okey first things first i will be writing four more chapters to this series then i will start book two.... second i need some idea's for chapter 10.... what should happen? comment underneath and i will review weekly lol (im biggest nerd in canada) PS all charecters in this chapter belong to thier rightfull owners.

Elotex's POV

The War council started without me. They where all talking when i walked in "yes but Elotex says hes on an other planet!" "but that is impossible!" "SHUT IT!" I screamed everybody hushed up, as Chiron walked in "your late" "i have a good explanation for that." I said "i was- well lets get to it after." "well what happened?" Clarrise said "When i made the train go we went through a cross dimensional wormhole." I said "English?" "train go in hole to other planet." I was suddenly aware of Annabeth in the corner crying silently. "then when we where coming back there must have been an emergency temporal shift from a dalek." "excuse me?" Clarrise said "emergency what shift? from what?" i sighed impatiently "just watch." "veara Xceratsia TV bytvusid Doctor Who." then there was a TV in the room playing my favorite show, Doctor Who. we watched two hours in total. one episode on the dalek one episode on the cybermen. "wow" Chiron said "i never knew human TV could be so entertaining." "now i will tell you what i was working on and why i was late." I pulled out a little flat-ish rectangular box with an watch strap attached to it "this is called a vortex manipulator. it manipulates the time-vortex that will be used for me to complete the quest and find percy." "fine but i don't see how you can use it." Chiron said "like this" I flilcked the top open pushed some numbers then clicked the big red button. Zap! i was surrounded by an Electric Pulse.
10 minutes later
"where is he?" Zap! "hello!" Everyone jumped. "how the hell did you do that?!" an aphrodite kid yelled i was only gone for two seconds wile you where here for ten minutes coll huh?" "still how?" the kid pressed on "I don't know i just used a creation spell from the Auric book."

Annabeth's POV

Two days later

"Ok Klea, Annabeth put your hands on the Vortex Manipulator" Elotex said "are you sure it is safe?" I sniffed "Yeah, well, Yeah" Elotex Replied. We all put our hands on it and we received a small electric shock then we were back where we were when we lost percy "be quit, we can't be seen, or heard." Elotex said "why?" Klea said "because that would make a time paradox." "oh." we watched ourselves teleport back to camp. Percy was with us. "pillows of sand." Elotex said "what?" I said "the line from the prophecy 'One shall be lost in the pillows of sand' it means the time vortex." "this has to do with time it's Kronos i know it!" "But it isn't" Elotex said "it has something to do with the legend of the ninety-nine brothers of time." "what's that?" Klea asked "dunno why i said that ignore it." Elotex said "I got it" He laughed "grab on!" and so we where off again. This time we where in a place floating around in nothing. "welcome to the shadow proclamation oh and if you value your lives don't be seen." he said "why don't you just cast an invisibility spell?" I asked "because if Elotex cast one he would die and the others apply to self only." Klea said "oh" I said we walked into a room that was completely and utterly huge "this is the database of the universe and some parallel ones. this is where we will find percy."

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