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  • 20101022
     Global announcement:
    Guys, the New version of the forum is live: check it out. Tell me what you think (at the new forum).

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  • 20101015
    Mortalnet was the only Fan site invited to interview Rick Riordan on Thursday, October 7, 2010. Suzanne and Terry joined six news/trade reporters on a phone/web connection with Disney/Hyperion to interview Rick. After watching the video introduction that is on The Lost Hero website Disney's Mindy Johnson led the interview.

    Rick Riordan


    Moderator: Mindy Johnson
    - Disney Book Group
    October 7, 2010

    Mindy Johnson: Hi, my name is Mindy Johnson and on behalf of the Disney Book Group,...

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  • 20101013
     Global announcement: [ Poll ]
    Please chose your reaction to this book in the poll.

    Please post your reactions to THE LOST HERO on the reaction thread.

    Do not post spoilers here.

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  • 20101013

    The Lost Hero came out today, Tuesday, October 12th. Please post your thoughts and reactions here. Please also take the poll. Thank you.SPOILER ALERT

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  • 20101007
    MortalNet interviewed Rick Riordan this afternoon via a webex connection. We were the only internet fan site to take part with six reporters from news publications. In the 50 minute chat with Rick, MortalNet asked nine questions. The news service reports also asked questions of Rick, as well seeing the video introduction of the book series and hearing from Rick some of his thoughts. Disney will be providing a transcript of interview shortly and we will post the entire interivew as soon as we have it. In the mean time here are the questions we asked Rick.

    Terry: By the end of...

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  • 20100930
    Some of you been having a little trouble getting onto the new main page for MORTALNET 3.0.

    HERE ARE SOME instructions from Christof.

    well, first of all, did they get a email with a link that they had to click to activate their account. Did they click the link. Did they try using the "I forgot my password" link? What email service are they using (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.)

    If you still have any problems please contact me. Posidonsdaughter - Suz

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  • 20100926
    OKAY EVERYONE This Is Your Chance to Win.

    We are counting down to the release of The Lost Hero.We are also celebrating Christof's release of MORTALNET 3.0.

    1) Go to the new Mortalnet webpage

    2) Register and post a comment

    3) Enjoy the MortalNet 3.0 webpage and good luck

    4) Winners will be notified by the email used to register on MortalNet

    5) First end date will be October 1st at mignight Eastern standard Time.

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  • 20100917
    The dedicated website for the series, launched today with a first look at The Lost Hero book trailer, webcast viewing information, never-before-seen character art, tour information, and much more. Fans can join The Lost Hero celebration with Rick Riordan at Camp Half-Blood live, via a free webcast through the website. The event kicks off at 7pm Eastern, 6pm Central, 5pm Mountain, 4pm Pacific on October 12. Fans signed into the webcast will have the exclusive opportunity to experience...

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  • 20100913
    The dedicated website for the series, launched today with a first look at The Lost Hero book trailer, webcast viewing information, never-before-seen character art, tour information, and much more. Fans can join The Lost Hero celebration with Rick Riordan at Camp Half-Blood live, via a free webcast through the website. The event kicks off at 7pm Eastern, 6pm Central, 5pm Mountain, 4pm Pacific on October 12. Fans signed into the webcast will have the exclusive opportunity to experience the launch festivities...

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  • 20100629
     Global announcement:
    Welcome to our Wall of Fame!

    Here's how it works: whenever someone sais something really funny or awesome, post what they said here. Be sure to get the entire thing, and say who said it.

    Rules (for this topic):

    • Only post the same quote once.
    • I will delete your post if it contains anything other than a quote.
    • Make sure to tell us who said it.
    • You can't post something that you said yourself.

    You can take stuff from the chat, from the forum, from

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  • 20100609
    The Percy Jackson essay contest is now starting! Be creative, do your best, and you will have a big chance of winning. Read this entire post first: it contains important information.

    Contest Description:
    In this contest, you will chose one of the 4 prompts listed below and write a essay about that prompt. Be sure to answer the prompts as completely and carefully as possible. Be sure to back up your...

    by Christof - Comments: 44 - Views: 2965
  • 20100604
    Okay if you want to read the first two chapters of THE LOST HERO go to The Lost Hero site and in the clue box put NEWHERO. Enjoy the read. If you do not want to know, stop reading this thread.

    You have been warned.

    GREAT! Let's talk.

    by Posidonsdaughter - Comments: 181 - Views: 9999
  • 20100529
     Global announcement:
    The chat has been a very popular section of this forum, and I have been getting complaints that it would be easier to use because you can't use it while browsing threads, and there is no easy way to check whose using it. Problem kindove solved: I changed it's position so that it's always at the bottom of your browser window. Click on the bar that sais chat, and the chat will pop up (not in a pop up window). That way you don't have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to use it.

    Unfortunately, I have not figured out how to make it so that it tells you who is online. But if you open...

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  • 20100512
    I have been getting reports of send buttons disappearing, huge blank spaces, and the forums being very hard to use lately. This has not happened to me, but I am looking into it. Please PM me if you have more info :)

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  • 20100510

    Please post comments, ideas, about what will be in the new book and series on the thread -- HEROES OF OLYMPUS,Book ONE: THE LOST HERO thoughts and ideas. FanFiction Icon_question

    by Posidonsdaughter - Comments: 12 - Views: 4477
  • 20100506
    FanFiction Star3 FanFiction Star3 HERE IS THE INTERVIEW FanFiction Star3 FanFiction Star3

    It is posted on our news section on the main Mortalnet page, however I know many people skip reading the news and sign right on to the forum. FanFiction Icon_sad

    So that you will not miss the interview and news here it is.

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  • 20100419
    I was going through the 'Percy fans are from all over - WHERE ARE YOU FROM?' thread, and i kept wondering how percy jackson fans from all over the world ended up on Mortal Net. So share your story.

    i will tell you mine after several people reply. FanFiction Icon_biggrin

    by percyjackson101 - Comments: 41 - Views: 2188
  • 20100416
     Global announcement:
    If you want to participate in MortalNet's Forum, you have to agree to the following rules, which apply to posts, profile information, avatars, signatures, any other content on this site and participation in general. This includes private messages. If you break these rules repeatedly, you will be banned.

    We ask that if you see a post, PM (private message), etc. that violates our rules, please contact our moderators and report the post. A easy way to do this is by clicking on this button (FanFiction I_icon_report), which is located above...

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  • 20101013
    Okay, I don't know what happened to the individual topics I posted. I can't seem to access them. (Weird) So I really wanted to share this. I spent a week on this. I wasn't about to just forget it! Which is why, here it is! Again! Very Happy

    51 Things That Travis Stoll Is NOT (like, seriously, NEVER, EVER, EVER!) Allowed To Do -

    1. He may not steal Silena's underwear…

    2. Then wear the raciest items over his clothes…

    3. And then say that he was trying to end gender ruled clothing.

    by VampireNits - Comments: 8 - Views: 9999
  • 20100814
    Wilting Rose is posted on Catch it under my username 'VampireNits'. More chapters can be found there. Thanks.

    by VampireNits - Comments: 7 - Views: 619
  • 20100731
    okey first things first i will be writing four more chapters to this series then i will start book two.... second i need some idea's for chapter 10.... what should happen? comment underneath and i will review weekly lol (im biggest nerd in canada) PS all charecters in this chapter belong to thier rightfull owners.

    Elotex's POV

    The War council started without me. They where all talking when i walked in "yes but Elotex says hes on an other planet!" "but that is impossible!" "SHUT IT!" I screamed everybody hushed up, as Chiron walked in "your...

    by Azteza - Comments: 0 - Views: 334
  • 20100716
    --okay i know some people were confused on the name of the main character, so it is officially Alyssa; Aly for short. sorry about that! here's the next chapter!

    Chapter 6: I almost shoot an arrow through Chiron's message
    The next couple of days were kind of harsh. After the talk with Chiron, Kayla gave me my new schedule for training. First, I had to climb a lava rock climb. It sounds dangerous...and it is. If you don't reach the top in time, you get sizzled with molten.
    Next was some break time, so I played some volley ball with some satyrs. Even if they had...

    by tinkerirock - Comments: 3 - Views: 367
  • 20100709
    No One's POV

    "Cybermen," Klea said "thats so geeky, thank you for your help now then lets-" "no really they are" Elotex said "yeah and i am an atomic android." Klea went on "SHUT UP!" Elotex screamed "i have no time to explain what they are but i know what disrupted our time/space warp." "what?" percy asked "two things. A) a vortex manipulator don't ask B) me." "how was it you?" Klea asked "i accidentally put some auric magic into a non-auric spell." "good job Mr. Genius." "hey!"...

    by Azteza - Comments: 5 - Views: 363
  • 20100708
    Elo's POV
    I read all night. Klea had me skip the coven for reading this book!! but then Klea and I trained on what the book taught me a week later i knew it all. well most of it. one page was in a strange language. wierd. so this is day one of auric training. "come on reach inside you!!" Klea screamed at me "ok" i mumbled and fought down the urge to throw up. i looked around and found it. "Viporea lmlasio tredsa nuyemphi!!" a gold light shot out of my hands and my eyes turned gold. just the coloured part though. wierd. Suddenly i was famished. Klea gave me something...

    by Azteza - Comments: 11 - Views: 536
  • 20100627
    okay so this is the next chapter for the Hidden Truth.

    Chapter 5: I use the power on Barbe-Q

    I woke up in the same room as last night. My head was hurting a little, but I didn't feel as weak as before. I remembered what had happened last night with Chiron and Tyler and my heart thumped hard. How could I have some power amongst the Gods?? and the Hidden Truth book? Where could that be?

    I crawled out of bed and looked around. The sun outside seemed normal, but no one was there in the medical wing except me. I walked to the entrance and went towards the cabins. No...

    by tinkerirock - Comments: 4 - Views: 358

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