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Post by Christof on Fri Apr 16, 2010 9:33 pm

If you want to participate in MortalNet's Forum, you have to agree to the following rules, which apply to posts, profile information, avatars, signatures, any other content on this site and participation in general. This includes private messages. If you break these rules repeatedly, you will be banned.

We ask that if you see a post, PM (private message), etc. that violates our rules, please contact our moderators and report the post. A easy way to do this is by clicking on this button (Rules I_icon_report), which is located above every post on the forum. If you need to report a Profile, PM, etc. that violates our rules, please PM all of our moderators (so that we can sort it out as soon as possible. You can easily do this by selecting moderators form the drop down menu next to the text "Or a usergroup") with a link (in the case of PMs, a quote) to the violation and a brief description on what is going on.

Our rules do not cover every possible offense that you can make, and you may get contacted by a moderator for a violation that is not covered in these rules. You can contact me if that occurs and you feel that you have been mistreated, and I will clear up the issue with you.

If someone posts their opinion, you have no right to get mad at them for what they think unless it violates our rules. You can disagree with them, but you must do it respectfully.

Multiple Accounts
One account only. If you are found with more than one account, we will delete all of your accounts accept for the original. The acceptation is if I or another moderator/staff member needs to create another account to test out a feature/forum.

Off-Topic Posts
No off topic posts. I understand that is is often necessary for the flow of a topic to go slightly off-topic, but if people are talking about Michal Jackson in a topic that's about The Lightning Thief, then the topic has gotten out of hand. Create a new topic if you want to talk about something else.

Stealing Threads
This is a form on going off-topic. The difference is that it happens a lot faster.

"User #1: Yeah, but you forgot about that oath that Annebeth took.
User #2: Did anybody listen to that new album..."

If this happens, please ignore it and tell a moderator. This also includes posts that are made by somebody who has obviously not read any of the posts in a topic before joining in, and jumps ahead/behind the topic.

Stealing threads also includes:

User #1: Yeah, but you forgot about that oath that Annebeth took.
User #2: I think that Annebeth loves Percy.

User #2 has just diverted attention from the post of User #1 and previous posts by changing the "tempo" of the thread. Even though he hasn't gone off-topic (the topic was about whether Annebeth loved Percy), the previous posts were talking about a more specific area about that topic, and User #2 diverted attention from that area to another, therefor obstructing the flow of the conversation. We do not allow this, accept if the topic is off topic. If it happens, please ignore the post and inform a mod.

LOL and Ha Ha Posts
A couple of months ago the topics were filled with posts that just said "Ha Ha" and "LOL". That is why we do not allow posts that just say something like "LOL". You must also add on to the topic (that does not mean "lol, that was funny").

This also applies to "yeah", "OMG", etc.

We also do not allow to post posts that just say "Pickles" or some other random word or phrase (acceptations will be made in games). Post's like these do nothing but make users annoyed because they interrupt the conversation.

If you have a comment, suggestion or a complaint, please do not talk about it on the forums (unless it's a positive comment like "this forum is awesome"). Instead, PM me. If you post it on the forum, we will probably miss it, but if you PM us, we will be able to read it and respond.

Double Posting
We recognize that sometimes double posting is necessary, like if a very long time went by between posts. But triple posting. Double posting in the same minuet? If you are double posting and it is necessary for the flow of the topic, we're fine with it. But if it isn't, then edit your last post.

Please make a effort to use correct spelling. We aren't asking that you make sure that there are no spelling mistakes: we are asking you not to spell like this: "wud u lik 2 g 2 te...". Please use punctuation, and try to use proper spelling and grammar as much as possible.

Big or Flashy
We do not allow images so huge that they take up the entire screen (600x400px at the maximum), and we don't allow animated images that are so flashy that they give people headaches.

We do not allow links to other sites in the attempt to promote the site in PMs and/or Posts. We do allow them in profiles.

You can post a link in a post if the links contributes to the topic and is helpful to users. Moderators have the final say on if a link is helpful/contributes to the discussion.

Speaking as someone who has parents who will get extremely mad if they find out that I am reading posts that are loaded with swears, I have to tell you that swearing is not allowed in any form, which includes abbreviation. If you post something like this ($#@!), I'm OK with it, as long as you can't identify what swear it is.

Religion and Politics
We do not allow discussions about religion, beyond quoting scripture, saying stuff like merry Christmas or happy Hanuka, talking about what you are going to do over a religious holiday, .etc. We do not allow stuff like he died for you, have you sinned?, .etc.

We also do not allow discussions about politics, beyond quotes, is _____ a demigod, .etc. We do not allow stuff like vote for _____, that's as bad as voting for _____, ect.

This applies to everywhere on the forum, including PMs, Profiles, Signatures, Posts, etc.

Copyright Infringement
Do not post copyrighted materials (articles, videos, audio, etc.) that you do not have permission to reproduce or distribute. For text articles, most of the time you may quote a small portion of the article (usually no more than 1/5 or 1/6) and you must link to the source (if online) or provide the source (if offline). If people do this, then the people who own the content that you are copying have the power to pull our site down. We don't want this top happen, so please don't do this.

When posting and linking to images, videos, files, etc., refrain from hotlinking if you do not own the file and if you have not been given permission to hotlink to the file. Hotlinking is the direct linking to images (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, etc.), video (.avi, .mov, .mpg, .mpeg, .wmv, etc.), audio (.mp3, .wav, etc.), archives (.zip, .rar, etc.) or otherwise downloadable or streamable files.

The reason why hotlinking is bad is because when you hotlink, you are only seeing the file, not the rest of the site. The people who have made the site have probably put some time into it, and they probably don't appreciate it when people just view the files and nothing else. When you hotlink, the owners of the site don't get any credit, and if they have a video/image/file that's worth linking to, there is no reason why you can't give them some credit and link to the page where the image can be found, where people can see the rest of the site.

NOTE: if you own the file or if the owner of the file has given you permission to hotlink, then it's OK.

NOTE: Anything that has a "embed" link is OK (embed means that they are giving you a bit of code that you can use to add the file to your site), because they are technicly giving you their permission to add the file to your site (again, embed means that they are giving you a bit of code that you can use to add the file to your site).

Real Life Info
Why don't we allow you to share information such as addresses, phone numbers, pictures, .etc? Because anybody can read it, and anybody includes people that you wouldn't want them to get their hands on that info.

English Only
This forum is English speaking, and we do not allow people to post in any other language. Acceptations are if you are quoting someone who is speaking in another language, posting hellos and goodbyes in another language, and saying phrases and words in another language. This is so we can all understand each-other and that moderators can make sure that you aren't doing anything that violates our rules.

We don't allow you to post anything that is inappropriate. This includes, but is not limited to, Pornography, Drugs, Sex, Extremely Violent X rated images, .ect.

Posts that discuss illegal activities, transactions, or websites such as warez, cracks, .etc. are not allowed.

Hidden Links
Attempts to hid links on any section of this site is not permitted.

Automated account creation, participation, and content scraping is not permitted. We will ban every unauthorized account that is created or operated by a robot.

Moderators and Me have the final say on any issue.

When you first violate the rules, we will usually send you a PM asking you to remove the post (unless it is obviously spam or it is so offensive that we will just ban you). If you continue to violate our rules, we will start deleting your posts, and eventually ban you.

If we PM you about a violation, and you keep on doing it, we are going to assume that you read the PM and are ignoring it. Likewise, if you are taking to long to change your post, we are going to assume that you aren't listening to us. So check your PMs, and make sure that you edit your posts if we tell you to. Better yet, don't violate our rules at all.

These rules are not permanent, and new rules can be added at any time, and old rules can be edited and removed at any time.

Do you have a question about our rules or anything else? Do you have a suggestion? Do you want to offer some feedback? Or are you experiencing some trouble with the site? Well, no matter what it is, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to help in any way that we can.

Thank you for visiting MortalNet's Forum.


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