51 Things That Conner and Travis Stoll Are NOT Allowed To Do

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51 Things That Conner and Travis Stoll Are NOT Allowed To Do Empty 51 Things That Conner and Travis Stoll Are NOT Allowed To Do

Okay, I don't know what happened to the individual topics I posted. I can't seem to access them. (Weird) So I really wanted to share this. I spent a week on this. I wasn't about to just forget it! Which is why, here it is! Again! Very Happy

51 Things That Travis Stoll Is NOT (like, seriously, NEVER, EVER, EVER!) Allowed To Do -

1. He may not steal Silena's underwear…

2. Then wear the raciest items over his clothes…

3. And then say that he was trying to end gender ruled clothing.

4. He may not declare the first Saturday of every month 'Seduce Chiron day'.

5. He may not declare the first Saturday of every month 'Seduce Dionysus day'.

6. He may not run through an airport, yelling "BOMB! BOMB! HE HAS A BOMB!" while pointing at Chiron.

7. He may not claim to have had an affair with Percy's fountain.

8. He may not tell everyone that he is pregnant…

9. …or that the baby is Juniper's.

10. Tantalus did not force himself on a cookie…

11. And it is wrong to tell Hera so.

12. He may not dye his hair black, wear glasses, and speak with an English accent…

13. And then tell little girls that he is Harry Potter.

14. He may not tell Beckendorf that Silena has a relationship with Percy's underwear.

15. He may not try to start a nudist colony in the camp bathroom…

14. Especially when the Aphrodite girls are in there.

15. The FBI is not out to get him…

16. And neither is Malcolm's cereal.

17. He is not a 'Barbie Girl'…

18. And he is not bringing 'Sexy Back'.

19. Clarisse and Silena are not having an affair and it is wrong to tell everyone that…

20. Especially if he yells it out at lunch.

21. The only proper answer to Silena's question, "Does this make me look fat?" is "No."

22. The only proper answer to Clarisse's question, "Do I look like an idiot, punk?" is "No!"

23. Telling Chiron that the Mist had faded just to watch his reaction is not allowed.

24. He cannot make a toast to Chris's hair…

25. …Especially when Clarisse is at lunch.

26. He may not sing 'Doncha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me' when Clarisse is trying to talk to Chris.

27. He may not change the lyrics to 'Love Story' so it says, 'Marry me Perseus'…

28. …copy it in Annabeth's handwriting…

29. …and then slip it into Percy's cabin.

30. He may not give Annabeth fake spiders for her birthday.

31. He may not give Annabeth real spiders for her birthday.

32. Making fun of Ariadne in Dionysus's hearing distance will result in absolute torture.

33. He may not give Beckendorf the lyrics to 'Potential Break Up song'…

34. …then say that it's from Silena…

35. And then photograph/videotape/record his reaction in any way whatsoever.

36. Accusing Dionysus of being on 'happy juice' will not have a pretty result.

37. Tyson and Percy are not having an affair and it is wrong to say so.

38. He cannot sing 'Super Freak' at breakfast for the entertainment of Camp.

39. He cannot run through Camp naked with the words 'Daddy's little devil' spray-painted on his chest.

40. He cannot sing 'Girlfriend' by Avril Lavigne.

41. He is not from 'The 'hood'…

42. And he is not a gangsta.

43. Hitting on Grover is strictly forbidden, especially in front of Juniper.

44. Hitting on Chiron sends the wrong message to incoming campers.

45. Soaking the Poseidon Cabin with ocean water is a bad idea…

46. …because Percy will not get wet…

47. …but he will get very angry.

48. He cannot Iris-Message Athena…

49. …To tell her that 'The Baby's doing fine,'…

50. …And that Percy and Annabeth asked him to be the godfather.

And last of all…

51. Travis is wholly forbidden from stealing government weapons or camp weapons, such as swords, spears, grenades, atomic bombs, or nuclear warheads, even with the intention of 'improving' them. Doing so will result in the CIA (or FBI) breaking down his home door to find him, at which point they will be out to get him. (See number 15).

Now, Conner, it is YOUR turn. So, sit tight, and LISTEN!

51 Things That Conner Stoll (that's you, Conner) Is NOT (and I'm serious) Allowed To Do -

1. Replace Silena's shampoo with purple hair dye.

2. Ask little girls (in creepy voices) if they like puppies.

3. Call Chiron a munchkin and offer him lollipops for being 'a cute little girl'.

4. Call the FBI and tell them that Percy made a threat on the President's life.

5. Call the President and threaten to hit him with a dishtowel.

6. Assemble a sound system around camp…

7. …and then sing 'I got nerve' by Hannah Montana (badly)…

8. …and then blame it on Katie Gardner.

9. Screaming 'Voldemort! Voldemort! Don't look now, it's Voldemort!' while pointing at Dionysus is not allowed under any circumstances.

10. Imitating Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, or Rihanna is not allowed.

11. Stealing Clarisse's clothes and then dressing up in them, calling himself 'Sergeant Meanie,' will have a very bad ending.

12. Copying Annabeth's architecture drawings…

13. …and then accusing her of stealing them from him will not make her happy.

14. Percy doesn't appreciate it at all when he is called 'Wave Oceanman.'

15. Yelling the lyrics of 'Txt message breakup' at Grover and pretending that Grover really broke up with him will likely give Grover in a heart attack.

16. Telling Juniper that Grover has dumped her and he's here 'for support' will not be appreciated.

17. Poking Rachel repeatedly and then saying that he was 'studying' her is not allowed.

18. Under no circumstances will Chris's cereal molest Travis.

19. Under no circumstances will Chris's girlfriend molest Travis…

20. …and it is not good to say so within a mile of Clarisse.

21. Dressing in Silena's clothes, then asking random mortals if he looks pretty is not acceptable.

22. Answering all questions with finger snaps in Z-formation is not allowed…

23. Especially if the finger snaps are accompanied with "Uh-uhguh-rl, I do nawt think so!"

24. Hiring Chiron out for 'Pretty Pony' rides is not allowed…

25. …Not even to second grade girls.

26. Bottling deer urine and selling it to the Aphrodite Cabin as perfume is disgusting, not funny.

27. "I wanted to see Annabeth get mad" is not an acceptable reason to spill coke over her drawings.

28. "I wanted to see Silena get mad" is not an acceptable reason to steal all her cosmetics.

29. Beckendorf is not cheating on Silena with a hammer. Or with a chisel. Or with a screwdriver.

30. Aphrodite is cheating on Hephaestus, but announcing this to the camp is not necessary.

31. Telling all the incoming girls that Percy is holding auditions for 'Playboy' in his cabin is not allowed…

32. …Particularly when Annabeth is within hearing distance.

33. Silena is not auditioning for 'Playboy' (in Percy's cabin)…

34. …and it is wrong to tell Beckendorf that she is.

35. He cannot dye Percy's hair blond…

36. …And then tell everyone that he wanted to see if 'blonds really have more fun'.

37. He is not permitted to sing 'Evacuate the dance floor!' (loudly or softly) when Percy steps onto the dance floor.

38. He cannot, under any circumstances, wear a pink tutu…

39. …and then ask everyone to call him Princess Butterfly.

40. He cannot scream, "I thought we had something special!" and then run from the cafeteria…

41. …when Travis asks him to pass the salt.

42. Replacing the Athena table's salt with sugar is not allowed.

43. He cannot bite fruits and call them his 'vampire army'…

44. …tell his 'vampire army' to attack the opposing team during Capture the Flag…

45. …then throw the fruit at the opposing team when they don't attack.

45. Calling Dionysus a 'Drunk failure' is not safe.

46. Shooting for 'Centaur's eye' instead of 'Bull's eye' will make Chiron angry.

47. Calling Annabeth 'Owl Droppings' will make her angry.

48. Telling Annabeth that Percy's going out with Rachel will make her extremely angry.

49. Asking Luke if his middle name is 'Anakin' will make him extremely angry.

50. Giving Kronos a Grandparent's Day card will not appease him.

51. Sending Zeus a card that says, 'To a wonderful brother' that is "signed" by Hera is not a good idea. In fact, it may cause a bolt of lightning to strike him down.

That's it. You can wake up now. Drop by again, will you? I get bored easily and I MIGHT just pick up a few of these ideas.... Very Happy


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51 Things That Conner and Travis Stoll Are NOT Allowed To Do :: Comments


Post on Fri Oct 15, 2010 11:29 pm by TheAravis

No offense, but I find these kinds of things cheesy.

Good job on writing something really long, though. Smile

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Post on Fri Oct 15, 2010 11:42 pm by percyjackson101

LOLOL! i read these aloud, and had everyone rolling on the floor laughing! I love the last one for Travis Stoll, and i LOVE #40 and #41 for Conner Stoll. lol!

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Post on Sat Oct 16, 2010 1:04 pm by VampireNits


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Post on Sat Oct 16, 2010 2:14 pm by tinkerirock

wow this is hilarious! some one send this off to rick!

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Post on Sat Oct 16, 2010 9:04 pm by smoothmoves97

Yeah i'm sure he would laugh his head off!

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Post on Sun Oct 17, 2010 12:47 am by PJO-geek

That's for sure! Once again, great job VampireNits!!! lol! Razz

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Post on Sun Oct 17, 2010 2:06 pm by Pendragon

-roll on floor- Agh, Nits strikes again! laugh

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Post on Mon Nov 15, 2010 10:32 pm by Azteza

Hey Vamp! wassup?

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